Set B Kapibarasan Zakka designer × Artist Shinzi Kato Sticker Flakes Set of 2

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Collaboration design of Capybara and Zakka designer × Artist Shinzi Katoh
[Contents] 64 pieces (8 patterns × 8 pieces each) × 2 sets
[Seal size] Within 30 mm × 30 mm [Sealing material] Paper, foil stamping
[Pattern: cup] Capybara, Mr. Hidamari, Mr. White, Elder Capi's older brother, Little Kapi, lazy kin kun
【Pattern: side by side】 Capybara, Riesent, Kappi older brother, Kappi, Atsui, Kapi, Hidamari, White, Beige

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is a back-order item. It means that we don't have current stocks here and it will take around 5-7 days for restocking before the actual processing (to have time to source the item / visit the stationery shop). Thanks for understanding! :)