[PREORDER] How To Make A Kawaii Diary by Mizutama EMOOK 2018 (FREE STAMPS!)

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Expected release date is 1st Dec 2018

Hi all, this special emook is a preorder item. It will be released from Nov 29-Dec 1. Start of processing of orders will be from December 3 onwards.

This is also a special reward item for my SUPER RAINBOW patrons (currently sold out) over at patreon.com/rainbowholic. The only difference is that they will get free 3 kodomo no kao stamps. 

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is a back-order item. It means that we don't have current stocks here and it will take around 5-7 days for restocking before the actual processing (to have time to source the item / visit the stationery shop). Thanks for understanding! :)