Rainbow Care Package #04: Unicorn Pastel Wonderland [FLAT RATE AIRMAIL SHIPPING]

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Rainbow Care Package #04: Unicorn Pastel Wonderland [FLAT RATE AIRMAIL SHIPPING]

Processing date is 27th Oct 2017. This is not the shipping date. ^^

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in this rainbow care package curated by yours truly! This is not your ordinary box of kawaii things from Japan! I hope that through this box, I would be able to give you a kawaii + japan + motivating / positive experience all at the same time! : )

Here are the kawaii assorted contents that will be included in this happy box designed by me:

  • 2 washi tapes
  • 2 unicorn + pastel / hologram sticker sheets
  • 2 stickers (circle seal sets)
  • 1 set of mystery yummy Japanese snacks (Pocky + random noms)
  • 1 set of sticker flakes (theme: pastel Japanese elements)
  • FREEE goodies (not shown in the photo)
  • random stationery goodies from my personal collection


NOTE: "Processing" date does not mean "shipping date". This is the time when I count all the preorders, start to source snacks, and arrange everything. Kindly give us at least 2 weeks before we completely fulfill all of the orders. Rainbow care packages take a lot of effort and time to pack that's why I do the packing all of orders all at the same time (and not one by one). 



Please take note that the packing + handling + shipping process might take a week (or so) after the preorder date. Kindly give us time allowance for this special package to be packed via airmail.

Since we will be using regular air mail by Japan Post, there won't be any tracking number available. Rainbowholic Shop will not be held liable for any package loss / tear / damage. We will do our best to send out your package on time and in its best condition. Please do consider the fact that it might arrive on time or faster & and later than expected (give it at least 5-6 weeks). After we have prepared and shipped out all the rainbow mail orders, we will do our best to send the packaging photos for proof for your reference.

By purchasing and checking out our product means that you are agreeing with our store & shipping policies. If you don't feel confident with air mail, you may also choose our default EMS Japan mailing service by letting us know through the check-out message or by contacting us within 5 days of purchase. Here is the EMS Japan Shipping Rate table as your guide (1000 g) if you are considering to have it shipped with a tracking number.