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Pastel Rainbow Washi Tape (Original Item)

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Width: 15mm

Length: 10m

Designed in Japan | Produced in Taiwan

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Save on shipping by using our code "SALSHIPPING". Our default shipping at Rainbowholic Shop is through EMS Japan. Some love EMS but some don't because it is too pricey (and other reasons) and because of that, we would like to offer this coupon code that will "erase" the EMS shipping fees from the total amount.

After assessing your order, we will send a manual invoice through paypal for the cheaper shipping fees (SAL / AIRMAIL with tracking #). We won't be able to ship out your order unless the invoice has been paid. Kindly note that there are cases when EMS is cheaper than AIRMAIL / SAL. If that happens, we will recommend getting EMS instead since it is faster and usually "safer". AIRMAIL / SAL shipping could take from 1-4 weeks, depending on the season / location / local post offices. Local custom taxes incurred is not our responsibility. The risk with AIRMAIL / SAL shipping will be on the seller side.

And lastly, yes, we ship to anywhere from Japan.