Kawaii PH Book 1: Beyond The Cutest Dreams (LIMITED STOCKS)

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DREAMS, BELIEFS, ACTIONS AND HARD WORK  These four magical ingredients make up the very inspiring and motivating world of Kawaii Philippines. One of Kawaii Philippines’ aims is to empower more kawaii enthusiasts and to be more confident and open about their kawaii selves.

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(Height: 8 in. / Width: 6 in.)

What’s so quirky about this book? The whole Kawaii PH team and their friends compiled a cohesive guide for fellow kawaii enthusiasts. This book makes up their stories, experiences, inspirations, blogs and actions to help spread what is the magical world behind kawaii. What are the other kawaii contents of the book?  “Beyond the Cutest Dreams” also has an interactive way of engaging the readers. The Kawaii PH team included pages that contain mini games and activities. You can also find do-it-yourself tutorials and dessert recipes in this 100-page kawaii book! All the proceeds from the books will go to the Kawaii Fund! (kawaiifund.org)

Words by Micaela Cruz & Ysa Rodriguez

For local orders, please proceed to Kawaii PH Store instead or click here for the product page. (Update as of July 13, 2015: We already ran out of Kawaii PH Book stocks with the original book cover. Please take note that the current available version of the books is the one with the longer version of the tagline in Japanese. No worries, the content is still the same. ^^)