Tea Boutique Decaf Tea Earl Gray (10 pcs.)

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● Decaf
● No coloring

Delicious tea for those who are not good at caffeine
A decaf series that can be enjoyed with caffeine 0.00g.
A refreshing flavored tea with the scent of citrus fruit Bergamot.
Elegantly color your relaxing time.

[Tea Boutique]
Tea boutiques are said to be the epicenter of tea at the end of the 19th century
Born in Hamburg, Germany.
An excellent tea blender based on the concept of high-quality tea
Tea made using the world's best flavor technology and know-how
Has earned a high reputation and trust around the world.

1.2g (10 bags)

■ Raw material: Please refer to the image.
■ Standard supplement: Country of origin: Sri Lanka
■ How to Save: Please save at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight, hot and humid place.