Rilakkuma × Karel Capek Peach Tea (5 pcs.)

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Rilakkuma x Karelcapek collaboration "Peach tea"

□ Popular series!  

□ Rilakkuma and Buzzy have become Momotaro !?

□ White peach flavor tea with juicy flavor

□ Uses 100% of Sri Lanka Lumbini Tea Garden

□ Enjoy tea time with Rilakkuma Momotaro and others!


How to drink

Straight: Hot water 200ml → 4 minutes (squeeze)

Light straight: 350ml hot water → 3 minutes or more (squeeze)

Iced tea: 150ml hot water → more than 4 minutes (squeeze) → pour into ice-filled glass

Water or sparkling tea: 100 ml of water or carbonated → overnight (sweetened carbonated ◎)