Quatre Heures Assorted Flavor Tea Set (6 pcs.)

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"Le Quatre Heures" which means snack at 4 o'clock in French
A special flavored tea with a sweet scent for happy snacks.

Chocolate mint, lemon tart, raspberry parfait is good for iced tea,
Strawberry shortcake, peach earl gray mousse and apple pie are also recommended for milk tea.

● Chocolate mint / Sweet chocolate with a refreshing mint flavor
● Lemon tart / refreshing lemon and savory tart flavor
● Raspberry parfait / flavored with cream and sweet and sour raspberry
● Strawberry Shortcake / flavored with mellow cream and fresh strawberries
● Peach earl gray mousse / Elegant flavor with a combination of fresh peach and fragrant Earl gray
● Apple pie / flavor of sweet and sour apple and cinnamon that fills the mouth

2 g × 6 flavor