[PREORDER] Limited Edition 2019 Merry Christmas Tea 5p

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PREORDER until November 15th

Enjoy this Holy Night with this cup

"2019 Merry Christmas Tea"

Individual packaging 5p

□ Thank you for waiting! 2019 christmas tea

□ This year's Merry Christmas Tea is Santa Buzzy-chan!

□ Representation of three types of individual packaging tea bags!

□ Lumbini tea garden lufuna tea is delicious for any enjoyment

□ Plenty of apple flavor + fruit & herbs

□ A gorgeous and special cup for a special moment

□ Wine arrangement is also recommended


[How to drink]

Straight: Hot water 200ml → 4 minutes

Milk tea: 100ml hot water → 5 minutes (squeezed) → appropriate amount of milk

Iced tea: 100ml hot water → 5 minutes (squeezed) → pour into ice-filled glass

Water brewed, sparkling tea: carbonated water 200ml → overnight (with sweetness!)

Be sure to squeeze well and enjoy delicious astringency just because it is super fresh!

[Arrange recipe]

(1) Add 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar to 100 ml of concentrated Merry Christmas tea.
(2) Add lightly warmed red wine (or grape juice) in the same amount to double the amount of tea.
(3) Add spices such as cinnamon, cloves and rosemary to your taste for a more luxurious and adult taste!