Premium Lupicia 2019 Sakura Spring Tea Bag Set (30 pcs.)

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Ingredients: Black tea, green tea (Japan), rooibos tea, semi-fermented tea, rose hip, brown rice, ginger, honey bush, cherry leaf salted, hibiscus, black soy, lemon malt, dried mango, orange peel, alazan (sugar, corn starch), lemon Peel, Matcha (Japan), Rose Red, Peach Leaf, Marigold, Pink Pepper, Rosemary, Daidai Peel, Boiled Rice, Strawberry Leaf, Corn Flower, Heath Flower, Fragrance, Colorant (Silver Foil, Red No. 3), Alum, brightener, glue (gum arabic), citric acid

Product size (height x depth x width): 22.4 cm x 5.8 cm x 20 cm

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is a back-order item. It means that we don't have current stocks here and it will take around 5-7 days for restocking before the actual processing (to have time to source the item / visit the stationery shop). Thanks for understanding! :)