Limited Edition Little Berry Tea Can

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PREORDER until November 15th

Sweet and sour and cute tea

"Little Berry Tea"

Canned tea bag 5p

3 kinds of Christmas matryoshka cans (*This is small size)

□ 2019 Christmas tea This year, 3 types of luxury! 

□ Absolutely want to collect! Matryoshka type, last year

□ The smallest can is Harizumi's “Little Berry Tea”

□ Use 100% hand-picked Dimbra tea

□ Sweet and sour and cute mixed berry fragrance

□ Squeeze fresh tea leaves until the last drop

□ If you match the sweets, a dark straight is ◎


[How to drink]

Straight: Hot water 200ml → 4 minutes

Milk tea: 100ml hot water → 5 minutes (squeezed) → appropriate amount of milk

Iced tea: 100ml hot water → 5 minutes (squeezed) → pour into ice-filled glass

Water brewed, sparkling tea: carbonated water 200ml → overnight (with sweetness!)

Be sure to squeeze well and enjoy delicious astringency just because it is super fresh!