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Karel Capek Tea Assorted Pack (5 pcs) with Alice Envelope Set

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This set includes: 5 random tea flavors and 1 special B5 size envelope.(216×277)


Due to size of the envelope (B5), we are going to fold it to fit the mail packaging.

We will not use the envelope as mail packaging so you can use it instead.


Popular assorted tea bag 5p with cute envelope

□ “Recommended” packed with the latest products

□ Premium selection of popular teas

□ Enjoy variety of flavors

□ A classic set that is loved by both beginners and regulars.


* The contents of the tea bag vary depending on the season.

We have carefully selected tea or herbal tea that can be recommended with confidence in our shop. The photo set is an example.

It will be in stock in the future, so please wait until the next arrival if it is out of stock.