Karel Capek Refresh Green Herb Tea (5 pcs.)

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Contents amount: 6 g

Product size (height x depth x width): 10 cm x 4 cm x 8 cm

□ Non-caffeine herbal tea!

□ Carefully selected 3 types of nettle, elderflower, lemongrass

□ Add scent of juicy grapefruit

□ Delicious, refreshing and enjoyable!

□ Non-caffeine & non-calorie, blissful refresh time

□ Sparkling tea and ginger ale split are also available!

□ Summer design for Buzzy and Pee-wee!


How to drink

Straight: 150ml hot water → 3 ~ 4 minutes
* When you want to make it stronger ... A less hot water → 5 minutes → Pour drinking water

Iced tea: 100ml of boiling water → 5 minutes → pour into a glass with plenty of ice

Water out or sparkling tea: 150 ml of water or carbonated water → overnight