Karel Capek Nuwara Eliya Tea (20 pcs.)

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Contents amount: 24 g

Ultimate pure tea (non-flavored)

Selected hand-picked tea leaves from the world's finest production areas

"Karel Chapek Nuwara Eliya" Tea bag (individual packaging) 5p

□ World's finest production area, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

□ 100% of hand-picked tea leaves in a short flavor season

□ Gorgeous and fine astringency and good fragrance

□ Enjoy meals and mariage with sweets

How to drink

Boil freshly-pumped water, cover it with a saucer, steam it, squeeze it, and pull it up.

Straight: Hot water 200ml → 4 minutes (squeeze)

Iced tea: 80ml hot water → 4 minutes (squeeze) → pour into ice-filled glass

Water or carbonated water: Water or carbonated wataer 150ml → overnight (sweet soda is also◎)