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Karel Capek Milk Caramel Tea (20 pcs.)

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Contents amount: 24g 

Nostalgic sweet scented milk caramel flavor tea

The base tea leaves are made with custom-ordered rufuna tea with a natural caramel scent.

There are many core buds, so you can enjoy the caramel flavor even on a straight tea.

Of course, milk tea with sweetness is exceptional. If you add sugar or honey, you can feel the sweet scent and the delicious flavor.


How to drink

Straight: Steam with 200ml of hot water for 3 minutes

Milk tea: steam for 150 minutes with 150 ml of hot water → appropriate amount of milk; ice milk tea is also recommended ☆

Iced tea: Steamed with 100ml of hot water for 3.5 minutes → glass full of ice