Karel Capek Kawaii Wisdom Tea (5 pcs.)

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Contents amount: 7.5 g

Product size (height x depth x width): 10 cm x 4 cm x 8 cm

□ One answer of delicious tea <selection and freshness>

□ Use 100% hand-picked Rufuna tea at Lumbini Tea Garden

□ Awarded many awards around the world

□ The best tea leaves

□ Apple and cinnamon scent


How to drink

Straight: 3 minutes with 150 ml of hot water

Milk tea: 5 minutes with 100 ml of hot water (squeeze always) → Milk with appropriate amount, sweetened.

Iced tea: 80ml of hot water for 3 minutes (squeeze) → glass full of ice

Water or carbonation: 150ml of water or cider→ overnight