Karel Capek 2019 Year's Tea (5 pcs.)

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Contents amount: 7.5 g

Product size (height x depth x width): 10 cm x 4 cm x 8 cm

□ Popular <Years Tea> finally appears this year!

□ 2019 is clear, high quality astringent & subtle sweetness Nuwara Eliya tea

□ Gorgeous and delicate champagne flavor

□ Art is the 2019 zodiac and wild boars becoming a circus team!

□ With a bright and cute design, it is recommended not only for New Year's greetings but also for baby and family celebrations!


How to drink

Straight: Hot water 200ml → 3-5 minutes (squeeze)

Iced tea: 100ml hot water → 4 minutes (squeezed) → pour into ice-filled glass

Water brewed: 150-200ml of water → overnight

Sparkling tea: carbonated water 200ml → overnight