Kapibarasan × Karel Capek Apple Tea (5 pcs.)

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Kapibarasan × Karel Capek Apple Tea


□ This time, Buzzy chan make a friend with Kapibarasan!

□ Pay attention to the <fancy figure> that imitates each other!

□ Kapibarasan's favorite apple flavor!

□ Use Dimbra tea from famous tea garden!

□ A cute package is good for gift ◎

□ Pay attention to “Ryama-san” and “Namakemono-kun” on the back!


How to drink

Straight: Hot water 200ml → 3 minutes

Milk tea: 150ml of boiling water → 4 minutes → appropriate amount of milk

Iced tea: 100ml hot water → 3 minutes → pour into a glass with plenty of ice

Water or sparkling tea: 200ml of water or carbonated water → overnight (sweetened carbonated ◎)