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Kaffe Fika Instant Coffee Set (2 pcs.)

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This is a new specialty coffee based on the current trend of Scandinavian lifestyle.
Speciality coffee is a term for coffee whose quality is thoroughly controlled at every stage, from cultivation to roasting.

Cottage Morning (original blend)
Nordic Sunshine (Mandheling Blue Batak)

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Cottage Morning (Original Blend)
For mornings in a cottage in Northern Europe, surrounded by forests and lakes.
Cottage Morning (Original Blend) is a blend of coffee from three leading farms in Ethiopia, Brazil, and Guatemala.
We recommend drinking it straight for its refreshing taste characterized by its elegant acidity.

Nordic Sunshine (Mandheling Blue Batak)
For a nostalgic afternoon in the Scandinavian sunlight.
This specialty coffee from a farm in Mandheling, Sumatra, Indonesia, with its unique bitterness, is high quality blue batak.
With its citrusy acidity and mild mouthfeel, it pairs well with milk.

*We also recommend trying it as iced coffee.