Fairy Tail Assorted Flavor Tea Set (6 pcs.)

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An adorable design tea image of a fairy tale world.

[Peach strawberry tea]

Sweet and sour strawberry flavor is added to the soft and gentle peach fragrance to create a fruity tea.

[Honey apple tea]

A refreshing apple flavor with a mellow and sweet honey scent has been added to create a richly flavored black tea.

[Peach rose tea]

It is a flavor tea with a gorgeous rose scent and a fruity peach scent.

[Apricot Orange Tea]

A refreshing flavored tea with sweet and sour apricot and orange aroma.

[Grape tea]

A flavored tea with a rich aroma of ripe mountain grape.

[Raspberry tea]

A sweet raspberry with a refreshing sour scent.


2 g × 6 flavor