Kawaii PH Book: Beyond The Cutest Dreams

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Towards the realization of ideas and aspirations.

This is the common goal that is shared by the members of the Kawaii Philippines that motivates them to achieve their ambitions. Empowerment of kawaii enthusiasts to be more confident in showing their kawaii-ness is one of the objectives of the Kawaii PH. This book is a concrete proof that every person regardless of who they are or what they do, if they have the will and determination, they can surely achieve their dreams.

What to look forward in this book?

This 100-page book is a compilation of inspirational stories, real life experiences, and advocacies by the Kawaii PH family and friends for the promotion of the kawaii culture here in the Philippines. This serves as a comprehensive guide for fellow kawaii enthusiasts for them to be inspired on pursuing their dreams. This book is also filled with games and activities, as well as do-it-yourself tutorials that can be enjoyed together with your family and friends.

For interested buyers, you may get a copy of this book from this product page. We currently have limited stocks to be shipped out from Japan. :)

For Philippine-based buyers, you may order this from Kawaii PH Store.

Thank you Marielle Villar for the text and Vanessa Leuterio for the kawaii art.

Instagram photos from:Β @uly_0919, @apsaqui, @milo.jp, @epgonda, @kicx07 & @psychodolliedeity.


Rainbowholic Shop: For Kawaii Girls Who Dream Big

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the all new Rainbowholic Shop!

I am still in the process of reuploading all of my shop offerings (since I had trouble with my previous shop platform at shop.rainbowholic.me, huhu) so please wait as IΒ try my best to have everything up again! Β ^_^

rainbowholic shop logo

For your reference, these are the following features / shop items I’m planning to add here in the future:

  • Kawaii #OnlyInJapan items
  • Handmade crafts by Kaila
  • Styled Kawaii Fashion Sets / Coordinates
  • Rainbowholic Lucky Boxes / Fukubukuros
  • Motivational e-books for Kawaii Dreamers & Doers
  • Limited products from Kawaii.PH Store Brands (Whimiscute, Dolly Kaye and Mad Tee Party)
  • Little Miss Paintbrush Art Prints
  • .. and more! : )

Thank you so much everyone for the love, support and patience! It means a lot. : )


Love, Kaila