Hi there!

Welcome to Rainbowholic Shop! I wonder what brings you to this page, haha!

Anyway, here's a little bit of introduction and shop background / story time yay. 


My name is Kaila and I am the shop owner. I am a self-confessed rainbowholic and stationery addict.

I run a kawaii lifestyle blog (the.rainbowholic.me) & upload journaling process videos on my youtube channel (rainbowholicTV). I am part dreamer, achiever, blogger, content creator, and entrepreneur.

Most of the time (90% actually), I process and handle all the orders during my free time. I do the product sourcing, marketing, social media, packing, shipping (I bring 2 big IKEA bags with me whenever I go to the local post office lol.. ), customer support.. everything. Hopefully someday, this business venture of mine will enable me to hire a small team here. For now, I'm training myself to be the all-around woman in this store. And oh before I forget to mention.. Rainbowholic Shop came back to its 2nd life (it went on a hiatus for a year I think?) because I got multiple inquiries about my stationery supplies that I would post on social media. This shop went through a lot of rebranding and host-jumping (shopify -> woocommerce -> bigcommerce). There was a time I sold handmade doll accessories, vintage / pre-loved dresses, and the like. I even had a shopping service before. It's been 6 years, haha!

I also run another store under our company and we sell vintage souvenir jackets & Japanese antiques. I used to work full-time there but now, I only assist during the operations twice a week because I wanted to focus and grow my stationery shop business alongside with my overflowing passion for content creation.

Because of this shop, I was able to save up for almost half a year to bring my parents to Japan. This is why I am always so appreciative of my clients who have been so supportive since day 1. TT_TT For every purchase that you make here at my online shop, you help me BIG time to pursue my dream to become a not-so-struggling-anymore content creator + entrepreneur. I reinvest all of my income to build my brand & to purchase better gear and programs for the projects I am working on. This is how I am able to produce videos, blog posts, and such. : )

Someday, I hope that I would be able to build my own little shop anywhere. May it be in Tokyo.. Saitama.. or even in Manila. I do not know yet. My grand dream is to have my own building where there will be a mini stationery cafe / store (that can also accommodate workshops) and my very own studio / office for more content creation. Such a crazy imagination, right? Haha! ^^

For now, I will do my best to provide quality service to my valuable clients and continue to expand and improve more my online shop. 

Thank you for reading my blabbings & I hope that I have convinced you enough to check out a product or two. Lol! Just kidding.

Maraming Salamat / Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!